Tasting Set

Tasting Set

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Our collection of Flavor Drops and Drink Mixers brings an extra twist to carbonation. Made for the everyday and festive occasions alike: simply carbonate, flavor and enjoy.

Create your own perfect combo by selecting any four of our effortless Drink Mixers and natural Flavor Drops to taste, experiment, and experience.

Flavor Drops for delicious hydration. 


• Black Raspberry

• Cucumber Lime

• Wild Strawberry

• Citrus Twist

Delicious Flavor

We have worked to craft a perfectly crisp flavor experience. Elevate and enjoy everyday hydration with the invigorating taste of fruits and berries. 

Natural Flavors 

• Invigorating fresh taste from natural flavors

• Sugar free, zero calories, and no artificial sweeteners. Perfect for your healthy lifestyle. 

Total Convenience

A single bottle supplies 10.6 gallons of flavored sparkling water—far more convenient and sustainable than carrying home store-bought plastic bottles. Simply add nine drops to an 12 fl oz glass of sparkling water. 


1.7 fl oz per bottle, supplies up to 10.6 gallons of flavored sparkling water. 


Black Raspberry A deep, distinct dark berry flavor that perfectly balances sweet and tart.

Cucumber Lime An energizing flavor of crisp cucumber and zesty lime that will leave you feeling renewed.

Wild Strawberry Delightfully sweet. The taste of sun-ripened berries and endless summertime.

Citrus Twist Tangy fresh flavor of lemon and bitter lime in an acidic harmony. 

Drink Mixers for delicious refreshments. 


• Yuzu Basil

• Spruce Tonic

• Spicy Ginger

• Bitter Orange

Vibrant Flavor

Anyone should have the ability to bring the craft bar experience home for friends and family. We have worked to create the top tier taste of your favorite mocktail (or cocktail), courtesy of your home bar. 

Effortless Mixing 

Say goodbye to needlessly complex recipes—simply combine 1 part Aarke Drink Mixer and 6 parts sparkling water in a glass and top it off with ice. Add a dash of your favorite liquor if you like. 

Ultimate Convenience

Far more convenient and sustainable than carrying home heavy bottles of store-bought mixers. 


11.8 fl oz. per bottle


Yuzu Basil With flavor of Yuzu and Thai basil and a hint of coconut. A trendy flavor combination found in the contemporary restaurant and craft bar scene.

Bitter Orange A bittersweet taste symphony of orange, grapefruit and hibiscus. Inspired by bitter aperitifs with an Aarke flavor twist.

Spruce Tonic Timeless with a fresh green flair. Tonic with added taste of spruce shoots for a Scandinavian touch.

Spicy Ginger Deliciously balanced sweet and spice. The perfect choice for any spice lover


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