Aarke Flavor Drops  - Wild Strawberry
Aarke Flavor Drops  - Wild Strawberry

Aarke Flavor Drops - Wild Strawberry

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 Flavor Background:

The Wild Strawberry is an exquisite little berry often found n the woodlands. These little gems may be small but are very flavorsome and somewhat sweeter than the more common garden strawberry. A beloved flavor across all ages.

What it tastes like:
Delightfully and naturally sweet. A taste of sun ripened berries and endless summertime to be enjoyed. 


Bring some flavor to your healthy lifestyle. Our flavor drops let you enjoy fresh flavors without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Elevating the everyday with the perfect dash of flavor.

Why you will love it:

  • All natural Ingredients
  • Sugar free and without artificial sweeteners
  • Zero calories
  • Vegan
  • Makes 40 liters of flavored water
  • Convenient alternative to carrying home store-bought flavored water
  • Recyclable glass bottles as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles

How to use it:

Add five drops of our Flavor Drops to a glass of sparkling water to add a hint of flavor. You can always adjust the intensity of the flavor depending on your personal preference.

Ingredients: Natural Flavors.

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