AARKE Carbonator III Kit - White
AARKE Carbonator III Kit - White
AARKE Carbonator III Kit - White
AARKE Carbonator III Kit - White

AARKE Carbonator III Kit - White

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For customers in Canada: At this time, we cannot ship kits across country lines due to the gas cylinders. The Carbonator machine alone is available to be shipped to those in Canada.


1. CARBONATOR III: Just includes machine and 1 PET bottle (Separate Listing)

2 . STARTER KIT: Includes machine, 1 PET bottle & 1 Sodastream Gas Cylinder.

3. PRO KIT: Includes machine, 2 PET bottles & 2 Sodastream Gas Cylinders.

The Worlds Most Beautiful Sparkling Water Maker.

Home Carbonation. Refined

Forget the plasticky soda makers of the past. This machine will look beautiful for years to come on your kitchen counter.

The most striking new feature of the Carbonator III is the precision nozzle, which is CNC-machined from a single piece of stainless steel. The result is a beautiful new polished steel nozzle which gives a calm and controlled spray beam. This leads to a more efficient absorption of CO2 in the water and a perfect bubble size.

The carbonation system of Carbonator III is fine tuned to offer a more efficient carbonation process and less gas consumption compared to previous generations.
The lever movement is controlled by a rotational damper to allow a more controlled release of pressure in the bottle. It also allows a higher filling line of the bottle without causing performance issues.

The damper also adds to the sophistication of the mechanical movement of the lever.
The new end cap of the lever is made in stainless steel with a striking spinning polish.
Carbonator 3 has a new pressure release valve with a quieter, more sophisticated sound to signal when the water is carbonated.

NOTE - This machine requires a Co2 cylinder to function.

Quality-Centric Design

Forget the plastic soda makers of the past – when it comes down to performance, environmental impact, and standing the test of time, it’s no contest. The Carbonator 3 is designed with a seamless stainless steel enclosure achieves both form and function as the machine’s backbone.

Perfect bubbles in 10 seconds or less

Making sparkling water at home has never been this elegant. The Aarke Carbonator 3 is designed from the inside out to be the slimmest, most compact sparkling water maker.

The Details

No outlet needed--our carbonators are cordless and electricity-free.
The Carbonator 3 features an updated internal safety valve system and a new stainless steel precision nozzle and accents. You can find more details in our blog article "Carbonator 2 vs Carbonator 3".
At the moment, gas cylinders are not included with the purchase of the Aarke Carbonator. US based customers may purchase kits which do include gas cylinder(s).
Our machine is compatible with AGA, Sodastream, SodaSense Linde, SodaMagic, Vikingsoda, and other standard 400-425g/60l cylinders for sparkling water makers. Aarke Kits currently come with Sodastream cylinders. Sodastream offers a refill exchange program. Please refer to the Sodastream website to find a local store for you to refill your canister.  SodaSense also offers a delivery refill program for customers who sign up on their website. Please note that standards in Australia and New Zealand are different, and Carbonators sold in these countries are not compatible with EU, US, or Asian cylinders. For these machines, we recommend Australian Sodastream and Soda King cylinders.
You can purchase a KIT from this website that includes 1-2 cylinders depending on which kit you purchase! Aarke Kits include cylinders from Sodastream. Cylinders are also widely available in Sodastream's network with over 10,000 points of exchange in USA and Canada. Sodasense also offers refill delivery program for their cylinders.
No--for safety reasons it isn't possible to use Aarke Carbonator with a glass bottle as it would require a protective casing around the bottle. Please only use our Carbonator with the original BPA free, tasteless PET Water Bottle, which comes included with every Carbonator.
Yes. At the end of its lifetime you can unscrew the bottom metal part, remove the cap and recycle the components separately.
Yes. We only use food-grade, virgin PET. This means that our bottles are non-toxic, BPA-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Our bottles have also been tested and approved according to the German LFGB standard, California Prop 65 and FDA CFR 21.

Included in the box

  • Carbonator 3
  • PET Water Bottle
  • Drip Tray
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Extra Gasket