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Simply Beautiful.

This is the world’s first sparkling water maker designed with a complete stainless steel enclosure. Forget the plasticky soda makers of the past.

This machine will look beautiful for years to come on your kitchen counter.

Discover Aarke

Just Push the Lever.

The lever both carbonates the water and automatically releases the pressure in the bottle.

Super Slim.

We have designed the Aarke sparkling water maker from the inside and out to become extremely compact.

More bubbles. Less plastic. Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold around the world.
Only 9% is recycled. The rest ends up in the oceans or in landfills. One Aarke water bottle can replace thousands of single use plastic bottles. So if you’re regularly drinking sparkling water, an Aarke machine can seriously reduce the size of your recycling pile. And by the way, you are also eliminating a whole supply chain of transporting the water from the production facility to its end users. The transport of the Co2 cylinders has a fraction of the impact on the environment compared to transporting bottled water. Home carbonation is not only cheaper and more convenient. It also contributes to a better environment.

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